Streem is a bija mantra, or single-syllable sound, that increases the inner feminine energy (shakti) and provides the power of the feminine divine. Like the treem mantra, it is associated with the Hindu goddess, Tara. Tara is a form of Durga who represents inner knowledge and is a protective deity. Bija ("seed") mantras typically have no literal meaning but provide a connection to certain energies or spiritual principles, thereby accelerating spiritual, physical and emotional growth.

Chanting streem is believed to enhance poetic and artistic skills, as well as promote powers of debate, argument and the law. Streem is known as a shanti bija, or seed sound of peace and, therefore, carries the energy of pure being. As divine feminine energy, streem is associated with protection, guidance, nourishing qualities and the power of birth. Streem's sound qualities are similar to shreem, but stronger and more stabilizing.